ADCOM, making you fall in love with your speakers since 1980s. ADCOM has always succeed in delivering quality sound. Being music enthusiast, we always try to achieve the best of sound we can get out of any speakers. ADCOM engineering has made mastered in developing innovative products, best class performance and great value for money. The sound of ADCOM is bold, clear which results is clean instrument sound and vocal quality.

ADCOM designs are predominantly strong and promising. Factors considered in design process is quality material, practical usage, intricate details, unique style and sophisticated look. ADCOM has tied to carry out its legacy in design but keeping in mind the latest style. It can be viewed as vintage yet connected to the new age.

ADCOM collaborated with Jacob Jensen Design to create a magnificent, work of art, wireless speaker, LUNA. Its unique design makes LUNA perfectly in sync with your home décor. In ADCOM, we believe in delivering beautiful products along with outstanding sound.